Toyota Off Grid Overlanding

The CTM Advantage

Locally Trusted, Nationally Recognized and Protecting the Customer In the world of automotive customization, particularly when it comes to elevating the performance and aesthetics of your Jeep, truck, or SUV through leveling or lift kits, the precision of the installation … Read more

Ford truck custom wheels

Truck Wheels

Understanding Offset, Backspacing, and Choosing the Right Design When it comes to customizing trucks, selecting the right wheels is crucial, not just for aesthetics but also for performance and safety. Understanding the details of wheel sizing, including offset and backspacing, … Read more

Jeep off road tires

How To Choose the Right Tires For your Vehicle

Learn How to Pick the perfect tires for your Truck, jeep or Car We never get tired of dealing with tires, it’s what makes our world go round. CTM Customs has been slinging tires since 2009 and we have seen … Read more

dodge ram forged custom wheels

Why Forged Wheels Are Better

The Top reasons why Choosing Forged Wheels Will Pay Off In the Long Run If you have never heard of forged wheels,  don’t really know what they are or don’t know the difference between forged wheels and any other wheel then … Read more

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