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We offer the Best selection of Suspension Upgrades, Lift Kits, Leveling Kits for your Jeep, Truck or Car

When you need custom suspension for your ride then CTM Customs in Stuart FL, has everything you need to give you the right look and the performance you desire. If you are in the market for lift kits, leveling kits, lowering kits, air suspension or hydraulic suspension, we have the perfect custom suspension modifications for your. We are experts at installing custom lift kits for your truck or Jeep that will have you sitting above the rest. Want to have your ride lowered ? We can do that too. Our team can help you make the right decision with your next suspension upgrade by showing you the features and advantages of each option that we offer.

Lift Kits

If you want to make sure that you have the best lift kit for your vehicle, choosing the right ride height is key. CTM Customs on the Treasure Coast, offers all brands from the industry. Here at CTM we keep many of the popular brands and sizes in stock and ready to install. Whether you are looking for a Suspension Lift, Body Lift or Level Lift for your Truck, Jeep or SUV we have the right setup that will fit your vehicle and your budget. Our staff will help you in picking the right lift kit that will make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Truck, Jeep, SUV Lift Kits

Designed to raise up and level the vehicle 

Allows for larger tires and rims

Increase ground clearance 

More aggressive look

Enhance off-road capability 

Leveling Kits

Fixing the factory rake of your vehicle is important for a lot of truck and Jeep owners and a leveling kit is ideal for giving your vehicle a more aggressive look. CTM Customs has multiple top brands in stock to make sure that your vehicle is looking tough and performing at its best. Whether you are interested in reverse leveling by lowering the rear or a traditional leveling kit by raising the front, we have the right setup for you. Our sales team will help you in picking the right height to level your vehicle so that you stand out from everyone else.

Leveling Kit Installation for Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps

Designed to level out the front of your vehicle 

Easy installation

Maintain Factory Ride

More aggressive look

Lowering Kits

When it comes to lowering your vehicle, stance is most important. CTM Customs offers all the top brands in the industry that will give your ride the perfect look that you want. Whether you are looking for static, bags, or coilovers, we have the right setup for you. The CTM Crew will assist you in choosing the right setup to get you into the “Lowlife”. 

Expert Lowering Kit Installation

Designed to lower and level your vehicle 

More sporty looking stance for your customized car or modified truck

Decrease fender gap

More aggressive look

Air Suspension

If you are looking for Air Suspension, there are a lot of options. CTM Customs can point you in the right direction for reliability and making sure that your vehicle is looking good and performing as expected. Whether you are looking for a full Air Suspension Lift Kit or Lowering Kit or Helper Bags for towing we sell and install all the best brands for you. Our customer service staff will help you pick the right kit to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. 

Air Suspension Installation

Designed to be adjustable in height and capacity 

Lifted, stock and lowered applications

Smoother ride

Front, Back or entire vehicle

Hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic Suspension is something, for the most part, that has been replaced by air suspension. There are however exceptions. One of those exceptions is the SORD Adjustable Hydraulic Coilovers.  The SORD Hydraulic Coilovers can be used in place of any other coilover in the lifted truck application. If you are looking to add this unique feature to your lifted truck give us a call today.

Hydraulic Installation

Designed to be adjustable

Lifted, stock and lowered applications

Truck, Jeep and SUV installation

Front, Back or entire vehicle

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