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Ford Bronco Customization

The Financially Easy Way to Customize Your New Truck, Jeep, Car or SUV

In the heart of Stuart, Florida, automotive enthusiasts have found their haven for enhancing their driving experience. CTM Customs is an automotive customization shop that is making waves by offering a unique proposition: aftermarket parts and professional installation straight from the dealership, providing a seamless upgrade process for new vehicle owners.

BMW custom wheels and tires in Stuart FL

CTM Customs specializes in transforming ordinary rides into personalized masterpieces. Whether you’ve just driven your dream car off the dealership lot or you’re looking to revamp your trusted companion, CTM Customs has you covered. From wheels and tires to suspension upgrades and other accessories, the shop boasts an extensive selection of premium aftermarket automotive brands.

One of the standout features that sets CTM Customs apart is its ability to facilitate a smooth transition from the dealership to the customization shop. Local dealerships can arrange drop-offs directly to CTM Customs, streamlining the entire process for customers. This convenience ensures that vehicle owners can seamlessly transition from purchasing their vehicle to enhancing it with top-of-the-line aftermarket upgrades.

Here is the entire process step by step:

  1. You decide which vehicle you are looking to purchase.
  2. You come visit our shop, call, or email us with questions about certain parts that you would like to include to your new vehicle.
  3. Our sales team will go over all options like brands, different components, and functionality. We will also break down the installation process and cost of everything.
  4. You will then take our detailed quote over to the dealership where you will purchase your new vehicle and present to them our quote telling them that you would like to have those upgrades done at CTM Customs.
  5. The dealership will then contact us and get all information they need to include into the financing agreement.
  6. Once you agree to the final purchase contract and have included our quote into the financing, the dealership and CTM Customs will take care of the rest of the process until the day that your vehicle is ready for pickup.
  7. CTM Customs will get parts ordered, shipped, and will arrange drop off with dealership once parts have arrived.
  8. Your new vehicle will be in the hands of professionals as we install your aftermarket parts and will go through a process of adjustments, alignment and testing to make sure that all the parts are not only installed correctly but also functioning as they should.
  9. Once your vehicle is completely done we will then contact the dealership and the dealership will contact you to arrange a pickup date.
  10. You will be more than happy to be driving off the lot with a vehicle that is not stock. After 500 miles of driving, you will bring the vehicle by our shop for a complimentary inspection and retorque.
GMC truck lifted

The allure of CTM Customs extends beyond the impressive array of aftermarket brands it carries. The shop’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its professional installation services. Skilled technicians at CTM Customs bring years of expertise to the table, ensuring that each upgrade is not only visually stunning but also performance-enhancing.

When purchasing a new vehicle from any local dealership, from West Palm Beach to Vero Beach, customers have the option to include both parts and installation from CTM Customs into the total financing package at a dealership of their choice. This innovative financing option makes it easier than ever for enthusiasts to drive off the lot in a customized vehicle that perfectly matches their vision. More importantly, having the confidence that the installation job was done by professionals who specialize in the aftermarket world.

Chevy Z71 Lift Kit

As we look ahead to what automotive manufactures bring to the market, CTM Customs is ready to take on the latest models from some of the most iconic automotive brands.

CTM Customs is not just a customization shop; it’s a destination for automotive enthusiasts seeking to make a statement on the road or off-road. With a dedication to quality, convenience, and innovation, CTM Customs is reshaping the way we approach vehicle upgrades. Experience the thrill of driving a customized masterpiece because at CTM Customs, your journey begins where the dealership ends. For more information about everything talked about in this article click on the following link to REQUEST A QUOTE.

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