Why Forged Wheels Are Better

dodge ram forged custom wheels

The Top reasons why Choosing Forged Wheels Will Pay Off In the Long Run

If you have never heard of forged wheels,  don’t really know what they are or don’t know the difference between forged wheels and any other wheel then we are here to help! The process of forged wheels originates from a billet or solid large piece of squared metal which is then heated to extreme temperatures in order to be shaped into the size & design of the wheel. This process makes forged wheels more stronger than cast wheels because cast wheels are made of different recycled materials and forged wheels are made of one consistent structure.

The benefits of having forged wheels:

  • Less corrosion, cavities and porosity
  • Better performance and handling
  • Longevity and wear resistance
  • Hold market and resale value 
  • Better street/show credit
ford f350 custom forged wheels

Top Brands Of Forged Wheels

For Trucks And Jeeps

  • American Force
  • JTX Forged
  • KG1 Forged
  • Fuel Off-road Forged
  • Specialty Forged
  • Forgiato
  • Hostile Forged
  • Metal FX Off-road
  • HardRock Off-road

For Cars And SUVs

  • VR Forged 
  • MV Forged
  • Variant Wheels
  • Vossen Wheels
  • ESR Forged
  • Rohana Wheels
  • Velgen Wheels

Size and Fit

Depending on what type of vehicle you drive and the wheel brand you choose some forged wheels only come in a certain diameter and width. The wheel size is also going to be determined by the height of your suspension and the different components that come with your lift kit, leveling kit, or lowering kit.

forged wheels suv


  • Leveling kit to 4” lift kit – 20-22” wheel
  • 6” to 8” lift kit – 22”-26” wheel
  • 8” to 12” lift kit – 24”-28” wheel

*Some makes and models may have different fitment capabilities.


  • Leveling Kit to 3” lift kit – 20”-24” wheel
  • 4” to 6” lift kit – 22”-26” wheel

*The bigger the wheel the smaller the tire you will have to get, which limits your off-road capabilities.

Sports Cars and SUVs

17” to 22” wheel

*Depending on make, model, suspension package and breaks.

jaguar forged custom wheels


Yes, forged wheels can be very expensive depending on the brand, style and size of the wheel you choose. The best quality parts in the automotive industry are going to cost you a pretty penny but we believe that you always get what you pay for. Most forged wheels start at around $700 and can cost upwards of $1,500+ (per wheel) but there are some budget friendly options which certain brands carry. For example, KG1 Forged has a Contender Series which consists of a few styles ranging from 20” to 22” forged wheels and are priced between $600-$800 for all four wheels.

In conclusion:

When deciding whether forged wheels are worth it for you or not, these are some factors to consider:

  • Usage- how do you plan to use your vehicle? If you plan on off-roading, using your vehicle for work, doing aggressive driving, or putting heavy miles on your vehicle then forged wheels are probably not the way to go. If your vehicle is more of show vehicle, a weekend cruiser or even a light daily driver which you plan to keep for a while then forged wheels are definitely worth it.
  • Suspension- we highly recommend getting a quality suspension upgrade, whether that’s a lift kit, leveling kit or a lowering kit. You also want to consider upgrading your steering components as they will receive a lot of wear and tear as forged wheels are usually very heavy.
  • Budget- your budget will also refer back to the usage of your vehicle and the vision that you have for your build. If you value ride quality over looks then you might want to steer away from forged wheels and spend most of your money on a quality suspension and tires. But if top of the line quality and a showstopper look to your vehicle is what you are looking for then don’t be afraid to ask expand your budget in order to get a set of forged wheels.
truck forged chrome wheels

The final decision of whether to get forged wheels or not doesn’t have to be made by yourself or even before you step into a shop near you. Here at CTM Customs we have a team of dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable individuals that can walk you through the process of getting the right set of wheels for your vehicle. We have years of experience and have built a positive reputation locally and in our entire industry. In addition, we are also a certified dealer for all of the top aftermarket automotive brands and forged wheel brands so you will never run out of options at our shop. For more information about forged wheels or any other upgrades you might be considering for your vehicle please click on the link below, give us a call or come visit any time during business hours. We are looking forward to serving you!

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